Goddess Freya Reading- The Norse Goddess Channelled Reading


Freya the Norse Goddess of love, fertility and beauty is well known for her passionate manner and magical ways. She is a wise and powerful being who can help provide …

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Freya brings, comfort, protection, guidance, insight, she can be the mother, the warrior, the sister or the friend. She is the Goddess, abundance and fertility are her domains just as the battlefield or the hearth. She is all things.

What guidance do you need? Freya will answer your questions and help you to better understand the path you are on.

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Readings are now all audio, the file will be sent to you via Dropbox it will say it’s from: Joy Thomas (via Dropbox). Dropbox shares files, they do not store them so be sure to download your reading file to your device right away! This reading runs an average time of 30 minutes and will be sent in an audio file.

I have an average waiting list right now of four weeks this can change as business ebbs and flows, thank you for your patience!

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