Guidance for the Journey with Jocelyn Joy Thomas

Twin Flame the Ultimate Love

Learn about the twin flame journey! In this episode, I cover, twin flame ascension, runners, signs you have met your twin, twins as spirit guides, the difference between a soulmate and a twin flame and the complex topic of when you’ve met your twin but they aren’t available.  The twin flame union offers us an…

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St Germain Healing Jocelyn Joy Thomas

St Germain & Healing

In this video, I channel St Germain on the topic of Healing. St Germain talks about healing that comes in the physical sense or the emotional sense and how it occurs on an energetic level and how it has made its way into the physical body or the emotional body.

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Seasons Readings by Jocelyn Joy Thomas

New Season Readings, Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer!

Seasons are important they connect us to nature, goddess/mother energy and they also connect us to ourselves. Each season offers a special energy, gift, lesson. If you are sensitive to it you can further your progress on your path and receive answers and guidance.For those of us in the northern hemisphere next month fall begins, The FALL…

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Choosing the Light to Change Everything 1

Choosing the Light to Change Everything

What does it mean to be spiritual? We might associate certain things with “being spiritual” eating healthier, practising yoga, collecting crystals, meditating, reading spiritual books, these things are in fact wonderful. Yet, they are not what makes one spiritual. We have to be mindful of spiritual materialism, it is an ego trick to get us…

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The Life Path Report by Jocelyn Joy Thomas

The Life Path Report

Introducing a reading I am very excited about, the Life Path Report. This is a reading that explores and reports what’s going on in your path right now. It is a reading I will do with my spirit guide Etium and the Akashic Records Guides. Just as when we look at your life map we can…

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Archangel Michael by Jocelyn Joy Thomas on the topic of Abundance

Archangel Michael on Abundance

Abundance is your natural state; it is something that is meant to come to you effortlessly and with the feeling of it being yours already. You already possess within you everything you need to become abundant. The problem is that you don’t believe it. You don’t believe there is enough, or that you deserve it or…

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Interactive Life Map Guidebook 2

Interactive Life Map Guidebook

This interactive Life Map Guidebook is designed to help you get in touch with the specifics of your individual life map. Each topic in the life map has a meditation included to help you uncover what your life purpose, life lessons, soul contracts or karmic carryover may be. You will be guided by your higher…

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Twin Flame Union

12 Things to Know About Your Twin Flame Union

I hope May is finding you all happy and that you are being blessed with warmer weather. I recall a good number of the 2017 readings I did predicted spring as being a time for new beginnings so let’s take one of my most popular topics and talk about it, maybe it can spark some…

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The Happiness Reading by Jocelyn Joy Thomas

The Happiness Reading – $25 Off Sale Ends 5/1

Happiness! It’s what we all want but we can really struggle in certain life areas. Obstacles are what block us from happiness, they can affect us for lifetimes until we get to the heart of the matter the obstacle will come to the surface in many ways. So what are your obstacles to happiness? If…

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