Message from Master St Germain through Jocelyn Joy Thomas

A Message from Master St Germain

I felt drawn to share a channeled message from St. Germain, think of this message as if St. Germain is talking directly to you. That is how I felt he wants it to be presented. It’s a bit like a meditation. I suggest taking a few deep breaths, center yourself, to quiet the mind before…

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St Germain Healing Jocelyn Joy Thomas

St Germain & Healing

In this video, I channel St Germain on the topic of Healing. St Germain talks about healing that comes in the physical sense or the emotional sense and how it occurs on an energetic level and how it has made its way into the physical body or the emotional body.

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Change Your Mind - A Direct Channel From Jesus

Change Your Mind – A Direct Channel From Jesus

What is your state of being? How so you feel about your life and the progress you have made or have not made?  I ask these things because so many times people are uncertain of these answers. They walk this life in a daze not sure of who they are how they feel or what…

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St Germain Valentine's Day Unconditional Love

St Germain – Unconditional Love and Valentine’s Day

All around the world, the 14th of February marks a day that is rumoured to be all about romance and throughout the Social Media networks, you will find posts that read along the lines of “Happy Singles Day”, “My boyfriend got me these” and photos of flowers. It has gotten to a stage that if…

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Mother Mary Opening Your Heart

Mother Mary – Self Love and Healing your Heart

Mother Mary is a loving and benevolent being who helps with people of all religious backgrounds. Her spirit is one of absolute compassion and love. She helps us in matters of healing our hearts, opening our heart is crucial to living a happy and well adjusted life. Mary also helps with children, fertility, family in…

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Jesus On Conflict

There is this misconception, about conflict and what it means. There is this idea that if there is conflict then it is bad. There is this belief that human beings should always be happy and never experience any other emotions. Due to these beliefs there is widespread unhappiness and suffering. So the very thing you…

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