Message from Master St Germain through Jocelyn Joy Thomas

A Message from Master St Germain

I felt drawn to share a channeled message from St. Germain, think of this message as if St. Germain is talking directly to you. That is how I felt he wants it to be presented. It’s a bit like a meditation. I suggest taking a few deep breaths, center yourself, to quiet the mind before reading.

“I want you to think of a light in your mind, whatever shape you wish, picture this light as being something large enough, that you can step inside of it. As you picture this light, visualize yourself walking up to it, and know that I am inside this light waiting for you to join me.

Before you can enter, however, you must set aside all of your worries, thoughts, problems, and so on, outside of the light. Are you willing to do this? To set these things aside for a few moments? As you ask yourself this question, notice if your body responds. Sometimes, the mind is ready to say one thing, but the body can give you clues to deeper feelings of resistance. When and if you are able to set your current thoughts aside, step into the light, join me in the primordial substance of life, outside of time, outside of physical reality.

Here you can ask me any question, present any problem. Or you can simply be. I tell you, no matter what you may ask, or present, no matter what you may still hold even though you tried to set it aside before coming into the light; it is not I who holds the answer, but you. You had the answer when you came into the light, just as you will have it when you return to your normal state.

You always possess the answers but the noise, the distraction of life tends to make you feel otherwise. It’s something like this. Internally, deep down you are truth, which means you know the answers to your own questions, problems, and so on. Still, there is a little more to it. When you are in a physical body, you take on a great deal of information, ancestral information from the family you are a part of, information from your culture, the times you live in, the events unfolding, as well as the land, or location you find yourself in. Not to mention your own soul history, past lives, and accumulated information your soul has gained. This information creates layers of energy all around you causing what can, at times, feel like a strong current, which can be problematic to navigate.

Each day you encounter events, some of them might be good or bad, these events shape how you are thinking and feeling. There are things in your personal life, then there are those things that occur in your city or town, your country, and the world. These events are neutral in and of themselves but you will label them as good or bad throughout the course of your day without giving it much thought; and you will do so based on the information you have taken on.

You will have emotional responses based on those decisions as well. For the most part, this labeling of information is done without much conscious thought, Yet, every once in awhile, there can be events that stop you in some way, and these events can cause an interruption in the system, your system. This means, that you are given a reason to pause…to reflect and see in a way you do not normally see. When you do so, you allow for there to be a higher understanding of the information that is all around you. This means that you can see it in a way that is neutral instead of it being attached to you. Free of these attachments you may decide that you do not want to think in the way you once did. In fact, you may decide that you want to experience life in a whole new way altogether.

I tell you, do not waste this opportunity to experience a shift in your perception. The opportunity to shift is very strong right now. Opportunities to shift are presenting themselves to you. For some, this will be the realization that an ending is near, a job, relationship, friendship, living in a certain location, or habits, ways of thinking or feeling that you have had for years, need to come to an end, to release. For others, it may be a realization of goals, allowing for a new idea to finally have space to be created, to heal, love, grow, learn. It can be both! An ending and a fresh start, why not, does one not follow the other? These opportunities are meant to help you see that you are ready for a shift. You are ready to let go of the information you have held for so long and see it new. See all things in a new light.

Yes, the light remember, we are in it now? This light is helping you to see what I mean. It is helping you to move beyond your comfort zone and into something more. Into the rest of your life. This is a time of great change, it is also a time of healing, repair, love, creativity, independence, movement, and hope. Do not forget these things."

Update from Jocelyn Joy Thomas

I am not going to be able to reopen my shop for readings in September as planned. I continue to struggle with my health, recovering from COVID does not apparently happen in a linear fashion, but a circular one. I recently experienced another substantial setback. I know that I must listen to my body, it has become clear I cannot return all at once to work.

What my guides helped me to realize is that I can do it in phases, a lot like our cities and states are doing with reopening. I will have to listen to my body regarding when these phases will happen, all I can confidently discuss right now is the first phase.

Phase One: Release my Soul Journey course. This course was written well before I ever came down with COVID but has been sitting on a shelf, so to speak because I was too busy with readings to do anything with it, it seems to be the perfect time to release it. I have never launched a course of this size before, I am not sure what to expect, but I hope to have it released by mid-September. Look for a sneak peek newsletter about a week before its release for a heads up.

If all goes well, it is my hope that I can reopen my shop in a limited capacity sometime in October for readings.

I hope everyone is having a safe and happy end of summer!

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