A Message from the Angels through Jocelyn Joy Thomas

A Message from the Angels

his week I am sharing a message from Archangels Michael and Uriel. They are warrior angels; they help and protect us all. Michael helps us with individual aspects of courage, bravery and realizing our divine potential. Uriel helps us with knowing ourselves, making ourselves whole and deep-rooted spiritual development. These two angels speak as one in this channeled transmission…

Archangel Michael and Uriel

We come to you today, to remind you all of the light that you have within. We ask that you spend a moment now, take a breath and connect within to this light.

Not only do you have light within but there is light all around you, and we ask that you further visualize seeing a golden light ray all around you. See it as a fountain of light that you are in the center of. The light is bathing you, covering you all the way down to the cell level, and it goes out beyond your physical body all around your energetic field. Sense the light moving through you in this manner, deep within, and all around.

Within the light, there is information, words of guidance, or perhaps feelings that you sense such as love, compassion, patience, peace, the feeling that you are safe. In this light, you feel a sense of deep connection to the earth and the heavens both. You are balanced, centered, grounded and connected to higher consciousness.

Now is the time to connect with the light more than ever, and find your center, for many around you, will need your light to help guide them. You who feel drawn to read this are being asked to receive a calling from us, the holy angels, to assist all by being a bright light right now.

You cannot do this without your own centering and grounding. We ask that you remember to care for yourself as well. Realize the light in each and every moment. Now is not a time for fear but love. Now is a time for unity, for in this disruption, in these strange times, you can let go of patterns in a way you could not before. You may see many clinging to their patterns, to their anger, or fears but try to see past this. See through to your light, let it guide you, go to it when you feel afraid, it is alright to be afraid, but remember the light within.

We tell you; this will pass but it will not go back to the way it was before. What is it in your life that you are ready to let go of? What are you ready to change? What did you think was so vital that now perhaps you can see was not? And in turn, what before did you think was not important, or that you took for granted, that now you see is important? These times are helping clarity arise and new insights are prevalent. If you listen to the general state of fear and panic you will not be able to receive the insights that are present. Let the light guide you back to your center and you will receive them.

Remember always, you are not alone, you are a child of God, a universal spark, a divine being, see through to that truth, find your center in it, make anchor in it, and then go and be a light in the world, messengers, holy ones, we are with you.

Update- I hope all of you are well, what strange times we are in now. I had planned on launching a new course next month but I have decided to push that back. I plan instead, to focus on creating a couple of meditations, with the angels and possibly ascended masters soon. I wish the very best for all of you and your families, sending bright blessings and love. We will get through this together, remember, unity.

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