Archangel Michael – Abundance

The other day, I did a channel session with Archangel Michael and he came through on the topic of Abundance.

Abundance is a very big topic and this topic has been around for centuries. If you watch the documentary (or infomercial) on a product called ‘The Secret’ they mention that many ancient names were referred to as, knowing ‘The Secret’ but what really is this ‘Secret’?

The secret to this change is how our minds function, there’s all these courses that teach us how to manifest, how to make money, how to get rich and even how to change the minds and people do pay large sums of money trying to learn how to manifest riches & wealth. What if this topic is not just how you look at money but how you look at yourself? What if that this experience that you’re here to learn right now is how to change your own viewpoint, your own way that you look at yourself, at your neighbor and at the world itself?

Michael talks about how the ego can interfere with abundance on all levels, levels such as love, partnerships, relationships, career and funds and the ego loves to create chaos and how to change our thoughts, how to recognize these thoughts to become aware of the fear that is created by the ego so that we can no longer allow these restrictions over us and open ourselves up to the abundance of what we all have the ability to create for ourselves.

I channeled Archangel Michael a week ago whom discussed this topic of abundance of all types and how the ego gets in the way and breaks this abundance focus and focuses on lack.

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