Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael & Embracing Chaos

This is a direct channel from Archangel Michael. The other day I was feeling out of sorts, unclear on my path and the work I am doing in the world, this is what came through as I decided to meditate for clarity, not only for me, but for everyone.

It is understandable that you feel upset, this life is meant to bring in things that can cause just such a reaction. This time on the planet is one fraught with challenges. Big and small, some seemingly meant just for you but be sure they are not yours alone for everyone shares in the experience. The cure is to embrace what disturbs you and to know that in so doing you release the mystery of it, you come face to face with it. This is no longer something that is happening outside of you, something beyond your control if you embrace it you are making friends with it. Seeing it for what it is and knowing it well. This will eventually help to make it lose its sense of power over you.

Chaos is a place of uncertainty, you don’t know what will happen next, if you embrace chaos you inherently know it and then are not surprised by its actions, by the things that unfold. Instead you are able to flow along with the happenings no matter how upsetting they might be, you are at least at one with the events and in that you are in alignment with the uncertainty.

Some people resist uncertainty, indeed most do, it is unpleasant and they seek to find security in all they do but I tell you this is not the way you are meant to live. You are meant to embrace the unknowing quality then it becomes something known, something understood and something that you can receive rather than to resist. The cause of your suffering is not chaos or uncertainty, the cause of your suffering is resistance, grasping, trying to control. Let this no longer be your way and you will be able to step into the gentle rhythm of life, where things are uncertain yes, but just outside the limitation of what you feel is safe, there is actual safety and freedom, love and peace. Once you stop grasping, to hold onto the fragments of these things you will find that you had access to them in abundance all along.

I am Archangel Michael of the light, I come in peace and love for you all.


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