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Archangel Michael on Living Your Life Purpose

Greetings, let’s talk about life purposes and why they matter. You came here not merely to work and live through mundane matters of life but to express yourself on a soul level . It is in this expression that you will find the most joy and satisfaction. It is also through this expression that you will inspire others to do the same. This is why it is so important for everyone to identify what makes them passionate and expansive and to follow it.

The problems arise when people do not believe that they deserve to do what they love, they even believe that they may not be very good at it. An example would be someone who is wildly drawn to music or art but because they do not think that they could ever be as good as their idols they never really try. Or perhaps they do recognize they have talent but they have the belief system in place that work is not meant to be something that you love but something that you have to do to “pay your dues”.

Hear me now, you are not meant to spend countless hours of your life doing something that makes you miserable. This is a part of the old belief system, the sooner you realize that you no longer belong there the better. The new belief system, or 5d reality as some are calling it, happens to be where you belong. It is a place of freedom, inspiration, originality, passion, joy and unconditional love. It fits into all areas of your life, career to start but also love, health and everything else under the sun. You can exist there but you must let go of the old.

Your passion is in the present, this is where you must be to find it. Your future is not rooted in some far off time but rather in this present moment. You are only ever able to release the old when you are present and make the decision to let go of the past and all of your old assumptions, programming, ancestral patterns and limitations. You can do so now, reach beyond who you have been and into the present, changing yourself vibrationally across the board.

I can assist you as you go through this process. I am Archangel Michael your brother in the Light.

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