Archangel Chamuel: Heart Activation and Love 1

Archangel Chamuel: Heart Activation and Love

Greetings, in this time when you are incarnated humanity has begun to take on certain changes. These changes are on an energetic level and many of them have to do with the love. The heart is expanding now, it is becoming more pliable. It is asking you to view life from its perspective rather than from your minds. Your hearts are being activated, this is happening so that you can support the planetary shifting that is occurring.

In this time of heart activation there is a great awakening of love. Love can now be felt and expressed in ways that it could not before because it was not supported before. You can love one another more completely and with greater compassion and care. This love is meant to be shared with everyone although there is also a special connection to those that you share romantic love with. Many people will be finding partners that will allow them to achieve this type of 5D love. It is a way to train your heart to live in an awakened state. Yet it is not expected to stop with this one person but rather to spread throughout to all people. This heart activation can cause you to feel as if many old habits or painful feelings are surfacing. As you ascend, open your hearts, you will notice that things you have held back or suppressed over time are ready to be released now. Do not let this process hinder you in any way. Allow yourself to fully express any emotions that surface at this time. The Angels are with you helping you to work through the process of activation, ascension and awakening.

Many experiences at this time are designed to help you see what is no longer working. So many of you are going through difficult relationships or having strong emotional reactions to things in your life. Know that this is part of the process and that when you honestly look at what is going on in your life it is likely you will realize that you are ready for change. It is just this realization that will help you to awaken. This is a time of great healing, a time when old patterns can be released once and for all. You must invite this healing in and receive it for it to come in and transform your life. If you are ready this transformation stands at your door waiting for you to welcome the changes that it brings to you. Heart activation is something that will align you with your higher self and allow you to live your life the way you intended.

I am Archangel Chamuel of the light through Jocelyn Joy Thomas.

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