Archangel Michael by Jocelyn Joy Thomas on the topic of Abundance

Archangel Michael on Abundance

Abundance is your natural state; it is something that is meant to come to you effortlessly and with the feeling of it being yours already. You already possess within you everything you need to become abundant. The problem is that you don’t believe it. You don’t believe there is enough, or that you deserve it or that you can maintain it if you do have it.

When I speak of abundance I am referring to money, love, health, success, acceptance, inclusion, happiness or anything at all that you might desire. If you have a block towards abundance in one area chances are you have it in more areas as well. Where you focus your attention is where you get results. You are often focused on lack and what you don’t want. You are afraid of losing what you do have and that creates more lack.
You did not come here to experience lack, you are made to be wholly abundant, each and every one of you. To experience love, joy, success, financial wellness, abundance in any way you can imagine it. What’s more I want you to know that you deserve it. You are a divine being but you don’t remember that often enough. You don’t need to suffer; you only need to come into the light of truth and awareness. We angels want for you to succeed, to accomplish the goals you have set and to be wildly abundant, the time for lack is over. Become abundant, it is who you really are.

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