Archangel Michael - Talk on Incarnation

Archangel Michael: Let’s talk about your incarnation

I connect with the angels daily in individual sessions but I feel many of their messages are meant to be heard by us all. So, in working with this idea I am going to start featuring one angel each month, or ascended master if one might happen by. I hope you enjoy their musings!

Archangel Michael is known for his bravery, courage, inspiration and protective and loving nature. Michael speaks rather directly, he is often humorous and very energetic. You’ll know you’ve connected with Michael if you feel a jolt of inspiration or find yourself smiling.

Archangel Michael

The times in which you have been born are more chaotic than times past. You may, somewhere in your consciousness, remember life as being more peaceful or at least more sensible. There were certain standards that people adhered to and there were customs that were honored, respected and practiced. Now things have become willy-nilly and as a result, many feel as if there is a sense of losing one’s foundation. Some people, typically younger souls, will begin to yearn for the “good old days” at times like these but those times weren’t really all they were cracked up to be. What I mean is even though you may remember a past where things were simpler and less chaotic, there has never been in any earthly incarnation a perfect life or a perfect time, nor will there ever be.

I realize that might be a bit depressing but take heart let me tell you why this is. The process of incarnation happens for reasons of growth and evolution, if you go through experiences that help you to do these things, and trust me you do, then you are completing your main purpose on earth. Now, in order to grow, you must have change and often challenge. How else will you learn if you do not meet your challenges? If you do not test your theories if you do not try again when you have made an error. Even if something did present itself as perfection in your world it would be fleeting because change is always occurring, the cycle of life demands this.

Maybe that didn’t cheer you up as I had intended but one thing is certain. You are moving through time and space while in the body and you are picking up untold amounts of data as you go. This data is helping your soul to evolve even when you aren’t putting any effort into it. Now, that’s something, isn’t it? You are working round the clock on evolution and while you don’t always have conscious awareness of the process, you always have soul awareness.

Think of your soul as in charge of the whole show, it can see the big and the small; it sits behind the control panel always watching and always communicating to you what it sees. Whether you listen well that’s your call, but here’s a hint, things would feel a lot closer to perfect if you did!

So, here’s your situation you are incarnated, again, you have chosen to incarnate during a time of chaos. Due to this chaos, there is a breaking down of new and old and this is precisely why you chose this time to be who you are in this lifetime. To let your own growth parallel with the growth and evolution of countless other souls, in one union of merging consciousness while seemingly independently existing in the dream-like reality of life. There are many paradoxes in this business, you appear alone and yet you are united with the all, you dwell in chaos and yet you require peace to grow and evolve. Most of all, you are an infinite being with an endless amount of wisdom, joy, and love and yet on a daily basis you feel alone, confused, misunderstood, out of sorts and unsure of just what is expected of you. That’s chaos for you.

You are here for a reason, you are here now for a reason, you are with purpose and you are not walking blindly, connect to your higher self, your guides and feel that connection, it will help you to find truth, love, and peace, and then you can see through the illusion of chaos into true reality, where chaos does not dwell and that my beloved is where I will be, as well as all of your guides, in the eternal, which you can be in touch with right now while incarnated. In fact, you might even say it is part of your learning process to do just that.

Your incarnation is occurring now, and all around you there is a sense of chaos but what if, you took a step inward, and checked in with your higher self or with me? Then, the world around you might change, it might even collapse in a good way and the apparent hopelessness, confusion, impossibilities and other futile cries in the dark could end and there could be, a place, for you, to feel at peace.

It isn’t some past life or other time that you long for, it’s home, it’s eternity. The irony is you already have it within, you just chose to look elsewhere. Come back, look within, ground yourself in truth. There, now the chaos is tuned out, toned down, it is there on the outskirts but it doesn’t affect you anymore, and you can get down to what really matters, stillness, peace, love, feeling from the heart and living from the soul. Ultimately, your incarnation is about getting as close to that as you can. Want some help? Ask me, I’m here for you.

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