St Germain – Unconditional Love and Valentine’s Day

All around the world, the 14th of February marks a day that is rumoured to be all about romance and throughout the Social Media networks, you will find posts that read along the lines of “Happy Singles Day”, “My boyfriend got me these” and photos of flowers. It has gotten to a stage that if you didn’t get a bunch of flowers on this romanticised day, you would feel unloved as every co-worker in the office is receiving flowers. The Ascended Master St Germain has recently come through to discuss the topic of Unconditional Love & Valentine’s Day

St Germain explains what many people are experiencing on this day as it brings up much judgement and the feeling of being unfulfilled on a day that is commercially driven more than what it is about love. Valentine’s Day is more about a day of spending money and is very competitive. It is not really about true love as true love can be shared on any day and not a pre-determined day as defined by a commercial entity.

St Germain also talks about judgement, he explains why it does not serve, how to recognise it and also explores what unconditional love is about and how you can go about getting unconditional love in your own life and how to change your frequency or vibration.

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