Channelling Ascended Master Jesus/Yeshua – Healing the Heart & Mind

Hello everyone and I’ve got a new video to share with you all from the Ascended Master Jesus/Yeshua on the topic of Healing.

Jesus talks about the the benefits of healing the mind which allows the heart to open and by opening the heat, you connect to your soul. When we are in the mind, we are in a state of disconnection from the soul, thus we need to heal the mind, to heal the thoughts, to heal the beliefs, to heal the patterns. These patterns perpetuate within the life and even form part of our personality and shape part of the choices that we make in our life. Jesus talks about how we need to accept the responsibility for the choices that we make in our life and if we wish to change this, we can do so because we, being the wonderful beings that we are can do so and he tells us how to do so.

One of the keys to healing our mind, our heart is forgiveness and Jesus talks about how to do this and why we need to do this in the video.

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