Twin Flame

Channeled session with the Twin Flame Ascension Guides

The Ascension process is one that allows you to move from the old belief system of conditional love to the new belief system of unconditional love. This process involves letting go of all limiting beliefs not only about love but about life in general. It is a time of great awakening, the opportunity to become a more expanded version of yourself.

The truth is many incarnated twins find themselves trapped in egoic patterns; these are low vibrational patterns having to do with conditional love and negative beliefs. This creates distance, there is pain and there can be a situation where one of the twins runs away or shuts down which can ensue chasing by the other twin. Many twins find one another at a time when they are not free to enter into a union they are married, or otherwise stuck in an unhappy union. You must trust the timing of your twin flame reunion whether your twin is physically incarnated with you or is your spirit guide when you become aware of who your twin is this is when the Ascension process begins. Although there is a period before this re-union where it prepares you and this period can feel like Ascension. This is when the clearing out of old beliefs comes into play, look at yourself honestly, no holding back, look at your behavior, look at your beliefs, look at yourself. What you don’t like, what you feel is not a reflection of your truth this is what you will want to shift. This is what it means to ascend, it means to honestly look at yourself and to agree to change and to embrace a new way.

This process of Ascension is critical to the planet, it uplifts the energy, it helps humanity evolve from the 3-D to the 5D, from unconsciousness to consciousness. No matter if your focus is love or your focus is enlightenment it is the same end result. Don’t let the words twin flame or true love or any of this disturb your mind. For the entire purpose of these types of unions whether they be incarnated or otherwise is to experience conscious living; to evolve into better versions of yourselves, to align with higher frequencies and to learn.

All the twins that have incarnated, including those twins who spirit guides are their twin flames, all of you have chosen this path. You do so because you are revolutionaries and you see that it is time to bring about change in the world. There are many guides about you whose job it is to help you. If you feel lost or afraid confused and unsure reach out to your guides and know that you are meant to carry on. Do not give in to the old ways, do not succumb to fear, you have signed up for this and you have the strength and will to carry on. Know that no matter what your situation your twin flame wants to be with you and at a soul level they are with you. Know that unconditional love is the state of all beings and anything else is false and so it is not something new you must learn as much as it is something you must reclaim. Remember unconditional love is something meant to be expressed towards everyone including yourself. It is not something that you keep for one person that you feel romantically towards. This is why everyone can practice unconditional love regardless of whether their twin flame is incarnated, regardless of whether they have any interest in the topic because it really doesn’t have to do with that alone. The twin flame union is merely one way to express unconditional love, a way that many have chosen for this lifetime but not all. Those who have not chosen it are still meant to walk the path of unconditional, but they chose to express it in different ways. This is a time of great awakening, a time that may feel turbulent and uncertain but in truth that very turbulence gives rise to the unconditional love transformation into 5D consciousness. Remember this journey is not one that you go alone, every step of the way you are guided and you are loved.

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