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How to Surrender Ego Channeled Message From Archangel Michael


One of the key things to understand on the spiritual path is surrender, what it is and how to do it. Surrendering is about letting go of the ego, it’s thoughts and reactions, and to allow for a higher state of being to take center stage. The ego wants to analyze and to control but when you surrender you give way to your higher self and the guidance around you.

The ego is a low vibrational output, when you surrender successfully you are disengaging from it and allowing your higher self to operate and this puts you at a higher frequency. You can access this any time you want and here’s how.

When something happens, you have a reaction to it. Let’s say you are driving and someone cuts you off, your reaction is to become upset. Now, right before you get upset there is a spilt second where you actually have a choice as to whether or not you will react in upset or peace. This is one example but the situation is repeated in many variances. If someone says something that hurts you, if there is a trying problem in front of you, or perhaps you have a difficult choice to make. All of these situations present the same opportunity, a choice, a moment of space, a gap exists before you make any decision or take any action.

It is this gap that you want to find. You do so by observing your thoughts. Your thoughts are always going, the mind is always active even when meditating. Some people think they can’t meditate because their minds won’t stop thinking. You can allow it to keep its incessant chatter but you no longer pay attention to it. So, while observing your thoughts, do not become overly concerned with any one thought just let them go by, make this a habit, to notice your thoughts. When doing so if you happen to note a thought that is negative in nature, you can choose to surrender it. You may even notice that there are several negative thoughts. Remember a thought is not really much but when you fuel it by matching an emotion to it then it becomes a thing. This thing then becomes a mood and that mood becomes a pattern or a habitual way of feeling and thinking. This then becomes a belief system. It is hard to notice what these are in ourselves without observation because many of our beliefs are ingrained from childhood. Once you become witness to them you can work on changing them, remembering that you always have the choice to choose differently. You find the gap through observation and then you choose differently. You say I will surrender this thought, it is making me feel emotional and I recognize that it is unhealthy. You can surrender it by forgiving it, this allows it to leave you completely.

The ego is made of lower vibrations, of things that are fearful like anger, jealousy, resentment and so on. It doesn’t want to surrender these because these things keep you stuck in lower vibrational patterns and therefore you don’t evolve, you stay in the karmic wheel. That means longevity for the ego, but it is of no interest to the soul whose goal is evolution and enlightenment. Therefore, surrender will aid in toning down the ego, of taking it out of the equation, opening a fresh and clean space for you.

The ego sabotages through contraction and suffering the higher self expands and find joy in all things. Find the gap, that second or two before you react as you always have and make the choice between the two. This is a technique in mind training, it is about witnessing yourself in action, making wiser choices, and then allowing for the rest to fall into place. Without controlling the outcome, trusting that it will come and that your new choices will lead you into a brighter and better version of yourself. This is the way of it.

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