Jesus On Conflict

There is this misconception, about conflict and what it means. There is this idea that if there is conflict then it is bad. There is this belief that human beings should always be happy and never experience any other emotions. Due to these beliefs there is widespread unhappiness and suffering. So the very thing you seek, you destroy any chance of having. Conflict in reality is not a bad thing it is something that helps you to see another’s viewpoint. Or it can be something on a larger scale that helps you see where healing is needed. Conflict is born out of frustration when something has been disregarded again and again. There are many roads that one can take before something leads to conflict. Many times these roads come in as signs and are missed by people and so conflict occurs.

It is important to understand conflict is not bad in and of itself. Conflict is a normal part of human existence. Conflict can be made into something worse than it is when it is judged as bad and when one seeks to avoid it at all costs. This is not the natural way; the natural way is to accept whatever arises, to learn from that experience and to move on.

When you are in conflict with someone you love it can be very painful. There can be a lot of misunderstandings that makes it grow worse, insecurities and old wounds can come to the surface and wreak havoc. Understand you have the full ability to change your mind at any time about any occurrence in your life. No matter who it is or what it is you have the ability to change your mind about it and therefore change the reality of the situation. You are not a victim. You are not at the mercy of outside forces that dole out misfortune at whim. You are a co-creator someone that has the ability to change everything in life.

There’s one idea I want you to get very clear in your mind, very clear now, there is no reality. What you take as reality is what others have given you. What you do not see is that they have made it up. So that everyone is just playing along. This is the illusion of life, taken as reality, as solid but not real. All that is real is your eternal soul. That part of you which you take from lifetime to lifetime and carry on into the afterlife. That part of you understands that what you see is illusion and that you always have the ability to change whatever you don’t like at any time. There’s no need to complicate it any further. So simply said when conflict arises look at it, face it, and awaken to the wisdom it delivers you. Is there something you haven’t been listening to or is there some wound within yourself that you need to see? Conflict like anything else is an opportunity, one that allows you to see within giving you the chance to change to allow for more understanding, more awareness. It is in that awareness that you will find truth, you cannot find it anywhere else truth always opens itself up to you in awareness. So face whatever it is that comes up for you and welcome it and embrace it and work with it.

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