3 Reasons You Aren’t Connecting With your Guides

3 Reasons You Aren’t Connecting With your Guides

Learning to communicate with guides is like learning a new language. It takes time. When I was beginning, I had a lot of judgment about it and that caused delays; but I had enough open-minded curiosity to stick with it. It wasn’t easy, it took practice, lots of it. I was not born hearing or seeing guides. I was extremely skeptical and expected communication to be a lot more pronounced, as it was in tv and movies. More than anything, I had to learn to trust. I have compiled a list of the top 3 reasons people have trouble connecting with guides. I had each and everyone, if I can do it truly, anyone can!

1. Busy Mind

When you are looking to communicate with guides, one of the best ways to do that is through meditation. However, too many things going on in the mind is a sure way to stop communication dead in its tracks. Even if you do get a little something, like a word or two, the mind can jump all over it. What was that? Was that my mind? Or was that a guide? I must be going crazy, and on and on.

What to do

First thing to do, set the intention. Tell yourself you are going to quiet the mind. This alerts the mind that you aren’t on autopilot anymore, it knows to pay attention.

The next thing to do is to stay focused. Following the breath helps, when the mind starts to drift, let those thoughts rise and fall. Without grasping them, letting them just be thoughts, observe.

Next, you may want to have some structure to your communication session, ask to connect with a particular guide, have a few questions in mind. Some sense of structure can make things flow better. We aren’t looking for a rigid structure, keep it fluid but some type of plan can help you when you are new to communication.

Last tip, keep it short, the longer you are in meditation the more the mind tends to drift, work on it for no more than 15 to 20 minutes when you are just starting.

2. Beliefs and Doubts

What to do

When we are in fear, we are often unaware of all of the facts. I always try to learn more about what I fear so I can make sure the fear is valid, there is often more to learn. You have nothing to fear when connecting with one of your guides, they are all there to help you in your life. Still if, you are fearful, connect to a guide such as Archangel Michael and ask him to but a shield around you. He can help you feel protected, its kind his thing.

Doubts over whether or not you can do this type of thing can be helped by staying open and curious. Everyone has these abilities, how we connect to guides will be unique to us, but we all have a way. Instead of focusing on doubts, get creative about how you might connect. If meditation doesn’t work for you, try asking your guide for a sign. You pick one and ask to be shown that sign in a way that will surprise you. Guides can hear you and they are willing to work with you.

3. Expectations

As I mentioned, when I was new to connecting with guides, I expected their words to come in loud and clear like a person who was right next to me. I thought I would see an angel with my eyes wide open. That wasn’t how it worked for me. In fact, not only can I not see anything with my eyes open, even when I close them, I only see flashes of images that are more symbolic. My strength is not visual, it’s sensing, I am an intuitive empath. This means I can read a person or situation in great detail by connecting with the energy (feeling it). You are the same, you have abilities that are unique to you, some people can just know something, others sense/feel (empath) some see, they get visions, images, flashes of information.

What to do

Communication is often very subtle, think of it like any conversation you start with someone, at first there is, hello, then there is a little more. It builds, trust builds, connection builds. If expectations are put to the side, you can have a nice flow of exchange. Whether it is in meditation, sending signs, a pendulum, oracle cards, you name it. Clear expectations, and stay open.

Communicating with guides has left me awe at times. There is nothing like the clarity and inspiration you get from connecting. It leaves me feeling so much gratitude for the connections. Just think how many loving guides you have on your team, ready and waiting to communicate, and even if you don’t reach out, don’t worry they are always in communication with you. If you do decide to, they will work with you to devise a way that works for you, don’t give up and stay open!

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