August 2019 - Energy Update 1

August 2019 – Energy Update

Hello! I’m trying out a monthly forecast on the first weekend of each month, a look at the energy around us all and how it’s moving (or not) to help you better understand what happening collectively and how that impacts your life. I’ve always been very interested in energy, what it is, how to shape it, move it and read it. Let’s explore the new month together now…
As we leave the month of July, the energy was very static, for some, it may have felt stuck, for others a period of rest, it helped us to heal, review, let go of what we were done with and now we move into a more movement oriented month with August.

August will give us the opportunity to begin to move

What I see for August is a sort of fluctuating energy, nothing sharp, but not as flat and static as July’s energy. August will give us the opportunity to begin to move. The energy has soft fluctuations, this means we aren’t going to get thrown around by change, but we are going to have the opportunity for change to come in. Expect it to be the start of change, the idea of change, the direction of change becoming open now, revealed.

This is the month to get started

Anywhere that you have been stuck, or unable to let go or move, this is the month where you should start to feel that energy change. The months after (especially Sept/Oct) feel like this will progress even more so this is the month to get started with your changes or pick up with any you may have left sitting.

These energies will influence us in different areas.

These energies will influence us in different areas. For example, if career is where you may be stuck, not able to grow, or not know what you want, this is the time to make changes and gain clarity. You may want to explore and research, get some more options or prepare to make a move. I have a reading that can help. The Career Reading helps with any type of business issue, from people around you in the workplace, potential partnerships, decisions, or as a general read on your career path.

Or maybe you are looking for changes in love, for things to start, deepen, or for more love to come in. August gives us the chance to break out of our old habits and to bring inner change and as a result outer change. It helps us to see beyond our own limitations and whether or not a relationship is right for us or what changes may need to be made to bring a healthy, happy union into your life or help an existing one to change.

Align With Your Heart

The energy for August is twofold, there is the fluctuating energy that invites us to change, and also the energy of aligning with the heart. When we align with the heart it makes it easier to know where and when to apply changes. We can use our heart as an indicator, a compass of sorts as to what we may need in our lives and what we may no longer need.
I have two love readings that can help you with this work…

The Twin Flame Reunion Reading is a look in on your twin flame path, it is versatile working with whatever issues you may be experiencing from not yet finding your twin to understanding your purpose together if you are in union. It can help if you feel like there is an important relationship meant to happen and it either isn’t showing up or the one you are in is not happening in the way you thought it would, like slow movement, lack of consistency, or distance.

The Relationship Repair Reading helps with opening up to change, connecting with your higher selves and seeing things in a new light within an existing relationship.

Augusts energy helps you connect with your guides

Augusts energy helps you connect with your guides, when you align with your heart you open up the connectors to your guides, you can do this with meditation and in dreamwork by asking to receive dreams of guidance. Or you can ask before going to sleep to have your guides help with a certain problem or person, you can really make a lot of progress while you sleep, especially in a month where the energy is for change and new beginnings like this month. I have an Ask My Guides Reading if you need a little help connecting with your guides.

we are not meant to stay static

August’s energy fluctuations remind us that we are not meant to stay static, we can for periods of time but then we need to look around and decide which way we are moving. The alignment of the heart also present in Augusts energy helps us to connect with our inner guidance, our divine team of guides and our higher self and make those moves based on what we feel is the most right for us. Look for patterns of fear, where you might be afraid to let go of someone or something in order to make these moves, this is where you really want to go into heart alignment and check in with what’s going on. Change that is soft like this is about the early stages, and stirring things up, it doesn’t have to be all areas, look for it to come into the area where you need it most.

For those of you who had the 2019 Reading with me, whatever area your August influence is in you can combine it with this more general energy that we are all feeling, but make it more specific by connecting it to the area your influence in. For example, if your influence is in wellness this month then you know that there is meant to be some change in how you approach health and well being. There can be new ways to look at your health, or self care routine, work with your guides to find out more. Couple whatever your personal guidance is for the month with this general energy of early change and alignment with the heart.

Have a happy August!

Readings Referenced

These are the reading options referenced in this months Energy Update
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