Have Your Found Your Twin Flame: Three Common Misreads

Have Your Found Your Twin Flame: Three Common Misreads

The topic of ‘twin flame‘ is a very popular one yet there is much confusion over what a twin actually is and is not.

What twins are:

  • Souls that share our soul signature with us.
  • We have an intrinsic bond with our twin.
  • The feeling of being with your twin is one of unparalleled intensity and love.
  • There is a mirror-like quality that exists between two twins, looking within this person you see parts of yourself, actions, beliefs, patterns, experiences, these can be both positive and negative.
  • The love shared with a twin comes from the heart and soul with the potential for the soul connection being vast. This means that with your twin you can unlock higher dimensions of consciousness. This has a dual purpose of helping not only the twin pair but the all.

What twins are not, common misreads:

  • Karmic relationships – These are people that we feel a strong draw too because we do share karma which means we will be pulled into the old patterns we have with this person yet this karma and the relationship itself are often rocky and difficult. These relationships can last long but they are typically not meant to.
  • Sleeper twins – Some people have not yet awakened to the reality that they have incarnated with their twin. They may even be dating their twin and still have not come around. They are usually suffering from some internal trauma, unhealed wounds that prevents them from being able to answer the invitation of their twin. There are many who say that great shifts in consciousness are coming in to help awaken these sleepers and there will always be guides as well as the higher selves of each twin helping the twins to come together and awaken to their twin flame path.
  • False twins – Many of us are eager to find true love and often when falling in love the person can feel like a twin. The heart so wants to be loved in this way that it can mistake a karmic love as one that is a twin. One key sign to tell if you have a false twin in your life is that if after spending time with them they drain you. Also look for any extreme negativity, selfishness or outright cruelty; your twin won’t behave in these ways but a karmic connection will.

Remember twins are not perfect, they are human like you and doing the best they can but it is the bond you must look to, ask yourself what is it made of? How do you feel when you interact with this person? If it is genuine it will feel resilient and strong and made of the soul.

For more on twin flames check out my latest channeled session with Spirit Guide Amy North

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