Interactive Life Map Guidebook 1

Interactive Life Map Guidebook

TInteractive Life Map Guidebook 2his interactive Life Map Guidebook is designed to help you get in touch with the specifics of your individual life map. Each topic in the life map has a meditation included to help you uncover what your life purpose, life lessons, soul contracts or karmic carryover may be. You will be guided by your higher self, your spirit guide and any other guides you work with to help you find the answers.

Or if you prefer to take advantage of my life map reading set at a special price this weekend only to go along with this guidebook. The reading will reveal the basics of your life map for you and the guidebook can help you learn more about each section of your life map.

Had a life map reading before? use this guide to better understand the life map itself as well as to get a fuller understanding of each of the sections. You can discover more about your life purpose and what life lessons you are working on now, as well as to uncover new soul contracts and karmic carryover and reconnect with your spirit guide. Our life maps are not static they change as we change, they are a record you want to revisit periodically.

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I am intuitive empath, reader and blogger. My field is spiritual guidance, I work with people to bring them clarity in love, career, family, and in making decisions. As well as in the areas of past lifetimes (Akashic Records), in between lifetimes, life purposes, life lessons, soul contracts and the incredible bond of twin flame love. I write about the guidance I receive as an empath in my blog, and for more personal help I offer in depth readings on a variety of topics