Enough is Enough - Is It Time To Say Enough?

Is It Time to Say Enough?

Life is not what it seems. The things that happen, the ups and downs, they are all part of the illusion, a created realm that we all call life. In reality the way each one of us views life varies and is dependent upon our unique perception. We are mostly unaware of our incredible abilities. We, for the most part, create things in a dull half-awake state. If you want to create change and make your life work for you, there must be an awakening.

The spark within calls you, it aches for you to see it. Once you answer this call you are free, you can start to realize the true miracle of life. The choices we make, the thoughts we have, the way we think are all part of it. We tend to do most of this on auto-pilot, never fully comprehending that we are at the control panel pushing buttons wildly with a blindfold securely around our heads.

Take the blindfold off and see the control panel of your life before you. It is your mind, once you look at the actions you put out into the world you see what buttons you are pushing. You notice how they affect you and others around you. You can then make adjustments as needed. Here’s how:

In meditation become fully present. You are taking off the blindfold. You are now aware of yourself in a way you have not been before. Your thoughts, your feelings, all of the sensations of your body are noticed. Notice how you feel, let go of anything negative by surrendering it and asking for a resolution to come in. Repeat this with various emotions, until at last, you feel at peace. You are creating space now for what you do want to come in. Visualize these things now, one by one, feel how you would feel if these things come to pass. Meditation is the most effective way to re-train the mind, to let go of the old and bring in the new.

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