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Live the Life You Want to Live

I designed this eBook course "Life the Life You Want to Live" in response to a theme I have noticed while doing readings over the years. We often have a hard time with getting where we want to go in life. There is a gap that exists between where we are and what we want. Working with the guidance given throughout my years of being a reader, personal observation and guidance as well as direct guidance for this project I have created a three-part eBook course that helps you move through that gap and into the life you want to live.

Introduction from ebook course:

Is your life unsatisfying? Do you feel as if you are not living up to your full potential? Do you have unrealized dreams? Do you feel like you’re surrounded by people that don’t understand you or don’t see your potential? Do you feel like you’re running out of time? Do you seem to follow a pattern of unfulfilling relationships or jobs? Are you always struggling to pay the bills and keep your head above water?

Many of these feelings are related to living a life that is out of alignment with your soul. We come here with a life map and if we aren’t following the map our soul sends us signals that we are off course. The problem is, while we may recognize that our life is not going in the direction we would like it to, how do we change it?

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Live the Life You Want to Live

Live the life you want to live eBook Course- Three part course, close the gap between where you are now and what you want! Bonus Section!

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I am intuitive empath, reader and blogger. My field is spiritual guidance, I work with people to bring them clarity in love, career, family, and in making decisions. As well as in the areas of past lifetimes (Akashic Records), in between lifetimes, life purposes, life lessons, soul contracts and the incredible bond of twin flame love. I write about the guidance I receive as an empath in my blog, and for more personal help I offer in depth readings on a variety of topics