Poison of the Mind by Jocelyn Joy Thomas

The Poison of the Mind, Distortions in Reality

This short article by Jocelyn Joy Thomas is on the topic of “The Poison of the Mind, Distortions in Reality”.

The Poison of the Mind, Distortions in Reality

When we are young, we are busy recording everything that we see and experience. Since much of what is stored in our unconscious mind occurs before the age of five when most of have little or no memory it is easy to see how, today, we really don’t have the full picture of what is going on beneath our surface.

Yet, what goes on beneath the surface has incredible power over us today, for it is at this level that we form our beliefs and these beliefs determine our choices and therefore shape our present. Beliefs that were formed decades ago can and will cause you to behave in ways that you do today.

What matters today is that we see how much of what goes on in our lives is not actually happening as we think we see it. When others do things that trigger our past pains, the event is played out very differently in our mind then it is in the minds of others. This is true for everyone, we all have filters that we view reality with. However, for some with difficult pasts, this can become a torment as it feels as if the people we are interacting with in the present are repeating the pain of the past. When what is really happening is a projection of the past through the suppressed memories of the unconscious mind.

Knowing this can cause a great leap forward in our evolution, looking within can unlock what has been stored (even past lives) and release the old, claiming a place in the present. We can then raise our vibration and allow all of the old beliefs, patterns and karma that were attached to the old, dissolve. This is freedom and this is the antidote to the poison, which can absolutely be healed.

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