Messages & Guidance by Jocelyn Joy Thomas

Twin Flame Healing & Ascension

The meeting of a twin flame is life changing experience. No matter what you are never left the same.  There is amazing capacity for healing within the twin flame union, it comes from the process of ascension which is a natural effect of two twins reuniting.

It is hard to imagine at first this other person who has so much in common with you that they literally mirror your own souls essence. That this person exists is quite the miracle and then to experience the connectivity, the communication that is at times so in unison it seems unnecessary even to have to use words at all. Eventually we can encounter a period of time when things may be challenging. This doesn’t mean that your twin runs because not all do, but this is the reason why some do run. The ascension process of the twin flame union allows for twins to rise up in their frequency, so that we are no longer operating at the old level any longer. We are now able to let go of wounds from the past, here is where things can get emotional for some of us the old pain surfaces, often from lifetimes and we are left in a lot of sadness, sadness with roots in past lifetimes. Yet have no fear because it is all part of the ascension process, it is meant to be this way, it is moving you into a better place, into one of wholeness and happiness. This is part of the plan that you and your twin laid out before coming here into this incarnation. Trust in this plan, trust in that through this process you will transform. This is the magic of the twin flame union,it takes you from one level of awareness to another. It unlocks amazing healing potential, embrace this process, invite it in and become one with the ascension that is your soul’s journey.

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