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Twin Flames, Soulmates & Karmic Relationships

Relationships are complex as it is but if you start to consider twin flames, soulmates and karmic relationships things start to get a bit confusing.Let’s talk about how they compare.

Karmic Relationships-There is an instant connection, you remember these souls. Yet, the purpose of a karmic relationship is to clear the past so it is is often something that can be up and down. These types of unions can be downright destructive, there can be a lot of arguing and upset. Also, passion and strong attraction, it can be hard to leave because of the intense connection that you share. However, these relationships are typically temporary. They are what my guides have called stepping stone relationships, they build to something better.

Soulmate Relationships- Strong attraction, familiar right from the start, there is a great deal of companionship. This is a relationship that often has a strong friendship element and things seem to flow along when you are together. Soulmate unions can be rocky, it depends on past lifetimes and how things went then but it will be a relationship that allows you both to grow and that makes all the difference. In fact, many soulmates come back together to experience what they went through in the past once more and then choose more wisely this time around.

Twin Flame Relationships- There is an ease in this union that parallels no other. There are many synchronicities and things in common, the reason being this person is your twin, the mirror like reflection of yourself. The mirror quality creates great potential for healing as things within yourself, wounds or old beliefs that are in need of your attention and healing can be seen as never before. Twin flame unions cause us to ascend and so whatever has been holding us down is revealed and we are finally able to let go of the debris of our past. Twin Flame relationships are more rare, often we do not incarnate with our twins, many choose to stay on the other side and act as our guide.

All of these relationships are important to our soul’s growth. No matter what type of relationship you might find yourself in, know that your experiences are meant to help you learn about yourself, your path and to heal.


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