Understanding Your Life Map 1

Understanding Your Life Map

We are all born with a plan, with a road map that helps us to follow the way our souls intended for us to go. We are not entirely then without a compass although at times it seems the opposite is true. Your life map consists of your life purpose, life lessons and soul contracts and more. In these we see the layout for our soul’s plan for this incarnation.

Our life purpose represents the work we do here in this lifetime. It embodies all of our experiences, always helping us to move closer and closer to realizing it’s potential. We grow into our life purposes early on they may be the last thing we would ever think to do. They can even change, or transform into something bigger, more broad as we live our lives.

Our life lessons often coincide with our life purpose, typically there are two, one is your main purpose for this life and often one is carry over from a past lifetime(s) and is not as influential as the other. I like to use this analogy, your main life lesson is like a large tree and from that tree stem many smaller branches these are more life lessons that come along, smaller shorter in duration with the purpose of helping you achieve the main lesson. Steps along the path.

Soul contracts are agreements you make with other souls or between yourself and God/Creator that you are bound to many times these are carried over from lifetime to lifetime. They can be positive or negative and they can be changed or cancelled if they are negative.

The map of our lives also consists of karmic carryover, those experiences and people we must meet up with again because before we didn’t finish our work, we need to still come to peace in these matters.

We also have a team of guides that help us with all of this at the front of this team is our spirit guide. This guide helped us to write our life map and is with us for all of the days of our lives to help us stay the course and to give us guidance along the way.

No soul comes into the world without help or without a plan, we are meant to accomplish much, our inherent purity and perfection demand that we attain our wishes, it is only ourselves that stand in the way.


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