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You’ve Been Here Before (Akashic Records)

In doing work with past life reading in the Akashic Records, I eventually noticed something curious. The more lives you find in someone’s records, you eventually come across contradictions in the timeline of events. Where lives actually overlap. Even in some cases having entire lifetimes typically in different places but during the same time.

How can this be? We have all been taught to think in a linear fashion, we slavishly follow our calendars and time. Yet, as I have mentioned before, when we embark along the spiritual path one of the most important teachings we eventually encounter is that time is a human made construction. One that labels and puts things in their proper place. In truth there is no time. When we die and go home, there is no time as we mark it here. One could say time does pass but it is not so ardently noticed and it goes by faster. It is hard to conceptualize while incarnated how there is no time. How we have made it all up.

As  a soul, we are not helped by time, therefore when we incarnate we choose any time period, even if we have already lived in a certain time period. So, when receiving a past life reading or perhaps traveling to the Akashic Records yourself, you may encounter that you have lived in the same time, twice or more. This confused me when I first encountered it, I thought I was getting the wrong information, I had made a mistake so I went to my guides and asked for clarification. I also asked other spiritual practitioners. What I was told brought me to understand how lives overlap, how we can and often do come back to the same time. We want things to be linear one day follows another and on and on, even when considering past lifetimes. We want order, we want things to make sense. The truth is that we know so very little about how things really work and there are reasons for that, too much information would confuse us. There is no time, we have made it up. Just like the world, we perceive it uniquely and differently than anyone else. All of your lives are happening at once, that is why they overlap. All in the blink of an eye, everything you have ever thought or done or felt. If that is too much, think only to this life, do not worry about the past in your future lifetimes you will come back to it again. If you can understand, then do this, lift the restraint of time from your mental conditioning and allow for the notion that we are here now in this one moment. The rest is neither here nor there.

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