Twin Flame Union

12 Things to Know About Your Twin Flame Union

I hope May is finding you all happy and that you are being blessed with warmer weather. I recall a good number of the 2017 readings I did predicted spring as being a time for new beginnings so let’s take one of my most popular topics and talk about it, maybe it can spark some new beginnings for some of you. Twin flames represent a complex union to say the least. In hopes of bringing some clarity to the matter I want to share some of what has come across in readings to better understand this amazing bond.

Twins are connected at the soul level; they are never apart as such no matter what is going on in their physical reality.

Twins are able to have a special, almost telepathic bond due to this soul level connection.

Runners are not running from their twins but rather from themselves. They are running from the mirror like reflection they see in their partner which signifies the work they have to do on themselves.

Twin flames will get multiple chances to reunite even if one twin has run away.

The twin flame sexual dynamic is one that can bring about heightened spiritual awareness.

Twin flames are strongly attracted to one another, before incarnating twins were sure to choose physical appearances that would be attractive like no other to each other.

Even though twins get multiple chances to reunite there can be soulmates who act as twin flame stand-ins. This is also true for those people whose twin did not incarnate this time around.

Despite anything that appears to be happening in the physical world your twin is always with you, loving you and wanting what is best for you with all of their heart.

Twin flames can be the same gender if that is what they are each attracted to, there is no rule that they have to be male/female.

The twin fame journey is one the can be difficult, twin flame ascension asks that we clear and release any old patterns that are holding us back. This can be a painful and difficult time but know that you are releasing years, decades or even centuries of old programming and that you will be a different person for it in the end.

Many twins are married when they meet or otherwise unavailable. This is actually common, it means that it is time to release what no longer works and move into a higher vibration of your life path. It does not mean that families/marriages are to be taken lightly but it does mean that if the union is no longer working it is ok to move on with love and for the highest good of all.

If your twin is not incarnated this time around they are more than likely one of your guides, try tuning into your twin and ask for your bond to activate.


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