Why abundance is elusive and how you can change that…

Abundance is elusive because we have been taught it is. We see lack in many different forms, for some, it is money for others it is love or health. The key to changing this is through our perception, but how do we change this? First, we must know why.

When we are small we are exposed to a great many things, people, attitudes, beliefs, behaviors and we take it all in trying to make sense of our world. We also carry over from past lifetimes similar beliefs and patterns established long ago. After a while we don't have a ready recall of these beliefs, they are buried deep within the unconscious mind.

Our perceptions then determine for us day by day how we feel about the world, about ourselves and everything else. Again, these largely go unchecked because they stem from the deeper parts of the mind. Now, when we start looking into this, things can shift. The act of observation can alter the way things have been and open up new possibilities. 

Through active observation, you can see what you have going on as far as patterns and beliefs. Next, there is another step, the action of reception. you must choose to receive abundance into your life. Better yet into your heart, these two actions, observation, and reception create a new path, or an opening of the path we might call it to allow abundance into your life, in all its many forms. 

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Videos on Abundance

Enjoy a series of videos on the topic of Abundance.

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