The Life Path Report by Jocelyn Joy Thomas

The Life Path Report

Introducing a reading I am very excited about, the Life Path Report. This is a reading that explores and reports what's going on in your path right now. It is a reading I will do with my spirit guide Etium and the Akashic Records Guides. Just as when we look at your life map we can see the goals and intentions of your soul before incarnating this reading shows your progress in life. Here is what we will cover:

Main Life Path: We start out with the life path itself we will go over life purpose and an overall goal of your life which your life purpose is an extension of.

Obstacles: Next I am given an image of your life path, I am looking to see if this path is straight, or has obstacles such as mountains, valleys, twists and turns and so on. It appears to me much like a road or path we would drive or walk. 

Secondary Paths: Next I look for secondary paths which are influences that represent changes, areas of focus, opportunities for breakthroughs. We don’t always have secondary paths present and we typically will not have more than three if they are present. 

Life Path Cycle: Next we explore the life path cycle, this represents a lesson or rather a series of lessons that have usually been ongoing for years if not longer. They are often challenging but not always, usually we go through a challenging cycle and then move into the opposite of that cycle such as despair and then hope, struggle and then clarity and so on.

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