Seasons Readings by Jocelyn Joy Thomas

New Season Readings, Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer!

Introducing Seasons Readings

Starting with the Fall Harvest Abundance Reading All Seasons Readings are on sale this weekend $10 Off

Seasons are important they connect us to nature, goddess/mother energy and they also connect us to ourselves. Each season offers a special energy, gift, lesson. If you are sensitive to it you can further your progress on your path and receive answers and guidance.

For those of us in the northern hemisphere next month fall begins, The FALL HARVEST ABUNDANCE reading is about looking at what you have and what you want and working with the energy of harvest to achieve it.

In the southern hemisphere spring is around the corner, the SPRING REJUVENATION reading is about planting seeds, transforming your life, tapping into the renewal of the season.

Meanwhile, summer is still here in the north so you may want to check out the SUMMER EXPLORATION reading, all about exploring and expanding your life path. 

If you're in the southern hemisphere you may want to take advantage of the WINTER REFLECTION reading before that season ends, all about reflecting on the past and what you would like to experience in the future. It's based on a December-February calendar but the season's energy is one of reflection no matter when it occurs.

All of these readings carry a similar theme, looking within, asking questions, receiving guidance and then applying the unique energy of that season. These readings offer a way to keep yourself tuned into your higher path all year round.

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I am intuitive empath, reader and blogger. My field is spiritual guidance, I work with people to bring them clarity in love, career, family, and in making decisions. As well as in the areas of past lifetimes (Akashic Records), in between lifetimes, life purposes, life lessons, soul contracts and the incredible bond of twin flame love. I write about the guidance I receive as an empath in my blog, and for more personal help I offer in depth readings on a variety of topics