Why abundance is elusive and how you can change that…

Abundance is elusive because we have been taught it is. We see lack in many different forms, for some, it is money for others it is love or health. The key to changing this is through our perception, but how do we change this? First, we must know why.When we are small we are exposed to…

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Archangel Michael by Jocelyn Joy Thomas on the topic of Abundance

Archangel Michael on Abundance

Abundance is your natural state; it is something that is meant to come to you effortlessly and with the feeling of it being yours already. You already possess within you everything you need to become abundant. The problem is that you don’t believe it. You don’t believe there is enough, or that you deserve it or…

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Spring Readings with Jocelyn Joy Thomas

Announcing Two New Spring Readings

We’ve almost made it to Spring! New beginnings, fresh starts, changes, growth and abundance are all around the corner. Now is the time to prepare for this exciting season! As we welcome long, sunny days we also welcome change and renewal into our lives. As we get active outdoors, travel and explore the rebirth of…

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Transformation Through Self-Love Audio Course by Jocelyn Joy Thomas

Transformation Through Self-Love Audio Course

Transformation Through Self-Love Audio Course by Jocelyn Joy Thomas aids people with overcoming feelings of unworthiness, emotions, underappreciated & more. In doing readings one of the most common themes that I come across are feelings of unworthiness. When we are operating with a feeling of unworthiness indications can be anything from unhappy love relationships, other…

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Archangel Michael – Abundance

The other day, I did a channel session with Archangel Michael and he came through on the topic of Abundance. Abundance is a very big topic and this topic has been around for centuries. If you watch the documentary (or infomercial) on a product called ‘The Secret’ they mention that many ancient names were referred…

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