Archangel Gabriel on Karma

Archangel Gabriel – Karma

Archangel Gabriel has come forward today on the topic of Karma and he discusses how it is seen in a negative way, such as an obligation or debt. It is a topic that has been so misunderstood as the mention of this topic in fact scares people and this is not what it is about.…

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archangel michael

Archangel Michael on Living Your Life Purpose

Greetings, let’s talk about life purposes and why they matter. You came here not merely to work and live through mundane matters of life but to express yourself on a soul level . It is in this expression that you will find the most joy and satisfaction. It is also through this expression that you…

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Archangel Chamuel: Heart Activation and Love

Greetings, in this time when you are incarnated humanity has begun to take on certain changes. These changes are on an energetic level and many of them have to do with the love. The heart is expanding now, it is becoming more pliable. It is asking you to view life from its perspective rather than…

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