Jesus On Conflict 1

Jesus On Conflict

There is this misconception, about conflict and what it means. There is this idea that if there is conflict then it is bad. There is this belief that human beings should always be happy and never experience any other emotions. Due to these beliefs there is widespread unhappiness and suffering. So the very thing you…

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Archangel Chamuel: Heart Activation and Love 2

Archangel Chamuel: Heart Activation and Love

Greetings, in this time when you are incarnated humanity has begun to take on certain changes. These changes are on an energetic level and many of them have to do with the love. The heart is expanding now, it is becoming more pliable. It is asking you to view life from its perspective rather than…

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Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael & Embracing Chaos

This is a direct channel from Archangel Michael. The other day I was feeling out of sorts, unclear on my path and the work I am doing in the world, this is what came through as I decided to meditate for clarity, not only for me, but for everyone. It is understandable that you feel…

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Understanding Your Life Map 3

Understanding Your Life Map

We are all born with a plan, with a road map that helps us to follow the way our souls intended for us to go. We are not entirely then without a compass although at times it seems the opposite is true. Your life map consists of your life purpose, life lessons and soul contracts…

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Akashic Records

You’ve Been Here Before (Akashic Records)

In doing work with past life reading in the Akashic Records, I eventually noticed something curious. The more lives you find in someone’s records, you eventually come across contradictions in the timeline of events. Where lives actually overlap. Even in some cases having entire lifetimes typically in different places but during the same time. How can…

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