Seasons Readings by Jocelyn Joy Thomas

New Season Readings, Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer!

Seasons are important they connect us to nature, goddess/mother energy and they also connect us to ourselves. Each season offers a special energy, gift, lesson. If you are sensitive to it you can further your progress on your path and receive answers and guidance.For those of us in the northern hemisphere next month fall begins, The FALL…

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Twin Flame Union

12 Things to Know About Your Twin Flame Union

I hope May is finding you all happy and that you are being blessed with warmer weather. I recall a good number of the 2017 readings I did predicted spring as being a time for new beginnings so let’s take one of my most popular topics and talk about it, maybe it can spark some…

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The Happiness Reading by Jocelyn Joy Thomas

The Happiness Reading – $25 Off Sale Ends 5/1

Happiness! It’s what we all want but we can really struggle in certain life areas. Obstacles are what block us from happiness, they can affect us for lifetimes until we get to the heart of the matter the obstacle will come to the surface in many ways. So what are your obstacles to happiness? If…

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50% Easter Sale Readings with Jocelyn Joy Thomas

50% Off – Easter Sale

It’s Easter Time and there’s much to share and as such, I’m having an Easter Sale with my three most popular readings being reduced by 50%. These won’t be on sale for long so get these quick! Life Map Reading Before we incarnate we plan our life map, a blueprint that contains our life purpose,…

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Ask the Akashic Records Anything Reading by Jocelyn Joy Thomas

Ask the Akashic Records Anything Reading

The Akashic Records holds all knowledge of all time. They are a collection of all of the recorded events that have happened, including all the events in your lifetimes. Your record contains all of your past lives, your life map (life purpose, life lessons, soul contracts, karmic carryover) and contains information about the future, people…

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Spring Readings with Jocelyn Joy Thomas

Announcing Two New Spring Readings

We’ve almost made it to Spring! New beginnings, fresh starts, changes, growth and abundance are all around the corner. Now is the time to prepare for this exciting season! As we welcome long, sunny days we also welcome change and renewal into our lives. As we get active outdoors, travel and explore the rebirth of…

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Enough is Enough - Is It Time To Say Enough?

Is It Time to Say Enough?

Life is not what it seems. The things that happen, the ups and downs, they are all part of the illusion, a created realm that we all call life. In reality the way each one of us views life varies and is dependent upon our unique perception. We are mostly unaware of our incredible abilities.…

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Understanding Your Life Map

We are all born with a plan, with a road map that helps us to follow the way our souls intended for us to go. We are not entirely then without a compass although at times it seems the opposite is true. Your life map consists of your life purpose, life lessons and soul contracts…

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Akashic Records

You’ve Been Here Before (Akashic Records)

In doing work with past life reading in the Akashic Records, I eventually noticed something curious. The more lives you find in someone’s records, you eventually come across contradictions in the timeline of events. Where lives actually overlap. Even in some cases having entire lifetimes typically in different places but during the same time. How can…

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