Top 3 Love Readings with Jocelyn Joy Thomas

Top 3 Love Questions and Answers

It was hard to choose the top three. I wrestled with myself, I settled on the three questions that seem to be a theme in my readings, these questions keep showing up. Naturally, every situation is different, which is why when I’m doing a reading on a couple, I like to consider past lives, soul contracts and to…

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Messages & Guidance by Jocelyn Joy Thomas

Twin Flames, Soulmates & Karmic Relationships

Relationships are complex as it is but if you start to consider twin flames, soulmates and karmic relationships things start to get a bit confusing.Let’s talk about how they compare. Karmic Relationships-There is an instant connection, you remember these souls. Yet, the purpose of a karmic relationship is to clear the past so it is…

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