Archangel Gabriel on Karma

Archangel Gabriel – Karma

Archangel Gabriel has come forward today on the topic of Karma and he discusses how it is seen in a negative way, such as an obligation or debt. It is a topic that has been so misunderstood as the mention of this topic in fact scares people and this is not what it is about.…

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Mother Mary Opening Your Heart

Mother Mary – Self Love and Healing your Heart

Mother Mary is a loving and benevolent being who helps with people of all religious backgrounds. Her spirit is one of absolute compassion and love. She helps us in matters of healing our hearts, opening our heart is crucial to living a happy and well adjusted life. Mary also helps with children, fertility, family in…

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Twin Flame

Channeled session with the Twin Flame Ascension Guides

The Ascension process is one that allows you to move from the old belief system of conditional love to the new belief system of unconditional love. This process involves letting go of all limiting beliefs not only about love but about life in general. It is a time of great awakening, the opportunity to become…

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archangel michael

Archangel Michael on Living Your Life Purpose

Greetings, let’s talk about life purposes and why they matter. You came here not merely to work and live through mundane matters of life but to express yourself on a soul level . It is in this expression that you will find the most joy and satisfaction. It is also through this expression that you…

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Jesus On Conflict 1

Jesus On Conflict

There is this misconception, about conflict and what it means. There is this idea that if there is conflict then it is bad. There is this belief that human beings should always be happy and never experience any other emotions. Due to these beliefs there is widespread unhappiness and suffering. So the very thing you…

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Akashic Records

You’ve Been Here Before (Akashic Records)

In doing work with past life reading in the Akashic Records, I eventually noticed something curious. The more lives you find in someone’s records, you eventually come across contradictions in the timeline of events. Where lives actually overlap. Even in some cases having entire lifetimes typically in different places but during the same time. How can…

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