Are You Ready to Love in a New Way?


We are in the midst of an evolutionary process right now, many of the old ways are falling away and we are embracing the new ways more and more. This is made manifest by people starting new careers, following their dreams, trying more than ever to align with what they know in their hearts is their path. It is also seen in romantic relationships. More and more people are deciding to leave unhappy unions and to follow their hearts. This business about following our hearts is key, when you do this you open up the doors to your life mission and any relationship that does not serve your higher purpose will feel like a bad fit. Including family relationships, friendships and romantic unions.

When we open our hearts an amazing thing happens, all the right people and circumstances arrive. Sometimes, there will be challenges but most of the time you will sense a feeling of rightness with even the challenges as if these things are there to teach you, to help you grow. We can grow dramatically when it comes to love. When we open our hearts and align with our life mission, our reason for being here, we will often attract a significant love partner. A soulmate or a divine partner, this person is meant to further our work and support our efforts. They will often create some sort of cleansing within us as well and this part can be a bit rough but it is the old ways surfacing, giving us the chance to be free of these limiting behaviors once and for all. 
For in this new paradigm that we find ourselves in we are meant to experience love in a new way. The old way is about limitation, trying to own our partners make them ours, the feeling of it is very harsh, business like and for many quite suffocating. New love is about freedom, it is about recognizing that your partner has a vast, expansive soul just as you do and the idea is to align the two souls together, walking side by side in life, enjoying things together, the ups and the downs, together. Yet, there is no feeling of restriction or possessiveness there is a mutual respect for what is theirs and what is yours. We each have dreams, a life purpose, goals, karma, all of which we must individually work on but can support each other through. It is through this sense of autonomy combined with love and support that new love finds fertile ground. I do not judge you, I do not shame you, I do not lay blame, I accept who you are and I support your dreams and your life mission. There will be things we do together and there will be things we do apart, but I trust in you and in us and in the higher process of this union and the love that has joined us.
In old love we expect the promise of a long lasting union blindly ignoring the fact that people change and can grow apart. In new love we don’t know how long we have together but that doesn’t matter because we are focused on the present. We never had real control of the longevity of our union in the old way but we were soothed by the illusion of the promise of forever. The ego wants such confirmation, it seeks to possess, to control and to lock things in for security.This is entirely illusion people get divorced they change they grow apart. New love teaches us that if our partner grows apart from us we love them enough to let them go. However, chances are in this new, fertile ground we won’t grow apart but rather together because there are no more limitations, there is no ego to blind us and we find that when we truly feel free while in the arms of another, we want to stay, we feel we have truly found home, and we have. 
Jocelyn Joy Thomas

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I am intuitive empath, reader and blogger. My field is spiritual guidance, I work with people to bring them clarity in love, career, family, and in making decisions. As well as in the areas of past lifetimes (Akashic Records), in between lifetimes, life purposes, life lessons, soul contracts and the incredible bond of twin flame love. I write about the guidance I receive as an empath in my blog, and for more personal help I offer in depth readings on a variety of topics