Changes Are All Around


As the year winds down and the new one is just around the corner, we all have the opportunity to reflect and look back on what we have accomplished in 2015. What major changes did you face? For many of us there was a great deal of change. For others it was the preparation for change. Both are big events. Preparing for change means to accept that it is coming, ready or not so the best course of action is to be prepare. Or if you went through big changes they disrupt our lives and when this happens we inevitably leave parts of it behind. happily these are the parts that we no longer needed in order to help us grow, in fact they were what we have outgrown.

So what will 2016 mean to you? One thing is certain, change is going to come, it is a palpable energy out there now. Whether you will be in preparation or the time for the big changes will arrive, or perhaps more big changes, trust that whatever comes in is meant to be there. that it is the answer to your calling and that it is destiny arriving on your path. Seeing it as this is an important step, and will shape how the changes affect your life. Don’t forget to help your friends along the way with their changes too, we are not meant to do this alone.



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