Destiny, Have You Met Yours?

What is destiny? How can we meet it? And what is it that brings us to it in the first place?

Before destiny comes fate, through karmic ties we will end up with certain people and circumstances. We have likely done this before with them, fate is a cycle it is another word for karma. Destiny on the other hand is something from the soul, something great inside of us or that we can bring out with a partner. When we talk about destiny in life this is usually your life purpose, what the work of your life is about. When we talk about destiny in love this is about who you will meet and get together with yes but it is more about what the two of you will bring out in one another and share with the world. Destiny is always the highest we can go and we are very much born to achieve this.

I like to break destiny into the two categories of life and love because while they are both areas we have destiny in they are very different. In some lifetimes we are going to focus more on love, in others we will focus more on life. In some ambitious lifetimes we will focus on them both. Many of us today, have chosen to do so, this is why destiny is a timely topic.

If the word destiny calls you there is a reason, it is time to explore yours, it is time to delve into what fate has brought to you and rise to the challenge and seek out the answers and guidance that are waiting for you, directed by your soul.

Many Blessings,


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