Lightworkers and Energy Drain Five Things to Watch Out For


Are you a lightworker? A high vibrational being that feels a higher calling to serve others? Or perhaps you are just someone that always ends up helping others, giving advice, and have a sensitive nature and can often and easily empathize with them? If so, you are likely a lightworker and these five steps can help you avoid the drain that all lightworkers face.

  1. Too much giving- A lightworker knows at a soul level that they are here to serve and so it is in our nature to give, the problem is we often do not know when to stop. We cannot say no, after all this is part of our purpose. Yet there must be a boundary set between you and everyone else so that you do have something to give to yourself. Lightworkers often forget this vital step, self-care, the same attention you give to others must be given to yourself.
  2. Not enough down time-Continuing with the last step and giving to yourself, downtime is the cure. Spend it in nature, creating art, music, writing, practicing a hobby, meditating, or however you unwind.
  3. Being pulled in too many directions-This falls in line with giving too much of yourself, but it involves doing so in multiple directions and often has to do with friends, family, work, relationships, areas where you have vital connections and want to make everyone happy. Yet once again know your boundaries you can’t be everywhere at once.
  4. Negative mind set-Lightworkers are very close to source, there is a direct link in fact, yet this doesn’t mean that we don’t have negative emotions and in fact due to the highly sensitive natures of lightworkers there can be a great deal of negativity particularly in the areas of self doubt and self love. This can stem from trauma and because the lightworker is so sensitive things that happened growing up or even in past lifetimes can create a negative feedback loop in the mind. Meditation, self love, healthy boundaries and finding other lightworkers to talk with all help with finding balance and not falling into old habits of negativity
  5. Guilt- Lightworkers sometimes have a sense of guilt for not helping enough, not giving enough, or believing they have failed or they can even take on a sense of responsibility for the world being in chaos. This comes from the vow that a Lightworker takes before incarnating to benefit all beings. There can be guilt when it seems as if this has not been lived up to. The important thing to remember here is that just by being incarnated you have helped. You may not see it but you have, your light alone allows others to see in the darkness. We are all meant to help in the way that spirit leads us, trust this and know that everything is as it should be.

So there you have it!

Many blessings,


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