Manifesting Resolutions

2016, New Year Resolutions Concept


The new year comes in with a lot of high expectations. We set our goals for change and we are spurred on by the media selling products to ‘help’ us. Yet, if we only go about change on the level of the mind we won’t create lasting change at all. Change doesn’t happen in the mind alone, and no amount of will power can fully remove a habit. It takes a much more intimate level of self awareness.

Any habit that you have smoking, over-eating, drinking, impatience, intolerance, being over judgmental, all comes from the same place. It comes from the heart, or rather a disconnect within the heart. If there was genuine self-love these habits would never exist in the first place. And so, we bring in these types of habits in an effort to make ourselves feel better. The heart is the epicenter of our being, nothing goes in or out without going through our heart. Even in the case of a walled off heart, it is still so, because it is an unavoidable reality. This is why if you really want to change something you must turn to your heart.

In your heart lies wisdom, your heart and soul are connected, there is a continual conversation going on between them. Therefore, if you communicate with your heart you equally communicate with your soul, then we have total integration. This is what you want in order to bring in lasting change. What barriers are within your heart? You will face them now, see them, accept them and ultimately they can melt away and be released in the process. What you want wants you but when there are barriers in the way it can seem impossible. In truth, the only barriers are self imposed. We are either self sabotaging or we are on the wrong path to begin with. Both come from being unclear within.

If you wish to manifest new years resolutions or anything at all, begin by meeting yourself at the level of your heart, and connecting with your soul. Then it all comes out, the blocks, the resistance, the dreams and most importantly the way is shown.

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