Mother Mary and Healing Your Heart


One of my favorite types of guides to connect with are Ascended Masters, a being who was once incarnated. Mother Mary is a master who we are all rather familiar with. She has continuing devotion to help people to this day. Mary teaches us about the heart. Out of any other energy center the heart is the most important because without it operating well the rest of us isn’t going to operate in a functional manner. Just as with the physical body the heart must be operational, so too is the case with the heart center. We use it to relate to others and ourselves and when it has blocks everything in our lives is harder and we suffer hardships.

How we heal our heart is through self love. Many people do not know how to accomplish this, what is self love exactly? It means to be kind to yourself, to give yourself the love and devotion you give those you love. To not speak harshly about yourself or to yourself. To be patient and forgiving. It means to go the extra mile for yourself and to really believe in yourself no matter what. If you do not love yourself the love you give is less than it can be, it is not as full and vibrant as it can be potentially. Loving yourself comes from a full and open heart.

Opening ones heart can be very frightening for anyone who has been traumatized in life. The old pain can be debilitating and may have created a wall around the heart. It is essential to allow this wall to come down, even if at first there are only small cracks in the wall this is progress! The wall around the heart works to keep others out but it is also containing yourself. It is keeping you behind it and you are not able to fully live your life as result.

In healing your heart you open it, engage in it, love yourself and others completely and in this state you can make miracles happen in your life. This is your natural state, if you are not there already then begin by loving yourself, and then projecting that love out towards others and the universe where all can feel it. The choice is yours, to live in a contracted way or to live in a way that is your natural calling.

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