Mother Mary on Unconditional Love, Lightworkers Series


A Channel Message From Mother Mary by Jocelyn Joy Thomas

Unconditional love, what do you know of it? What do you feel it means? How can you express it? Have you ever expressed it, felt it, lived it? These are important questions for important times. You are now in the time space of a movement that has been long planned and will seek to test you all beyond anything you have ever been through. The tests are coming and have been coming for several years, they will continue on. Their purpose is to stretch you to your limits and shape you beyond them into something new, something that evolves out of the disorder and seeming chaos. The only method to clearly navigate these times is that of unconditional love. You must master it in order to end your suffering and that of the world.

Your time to learn this is now, through forgiveness, inspiration and leadership. That you will teach and inspire others is certain. You are ready even if you think you are not. You are time travelers in a sense stuck between the old and the new a vision lays upon your hearts of how it can be and that is what you must trust, your heart vision.

In your heart lies not only this vision of how things will be but all of the tools needed to make this happen. All of the steps that you take must be done with an open heart. The heart then, must be tended to right now. It must be opened as much as it has ever been. No more walls to entrench you, no more delays to prevent your arrival, now, now is the time. You have been ready for lifetimes dear souls I promise you this.

Yet now is when an interesting and important thing is happening, now so many of you are arriving at this point in time, together. It is in this unity that you will open your hearts unconditionally, you cannot do it alone. Some of you will fall in love with new careers,  or romantically, while others will have children, or fall in love with a creative pursuit (one of my favorites) some of you will have more than one of these if not all of them in your life but all of these will test you as they are meant to.

What does it mean to be tested? It means to face a challenge that you normally would back down from and turn to run but this time, you face it, head on and you allow it to give you its wisdom. Even in a situation that is unfair, or one that is wrong, all of it is stuff for the making of the open heart. You see it doesn’t actually matter what is going on in the world of duality because in that place nothing is ever really fair, nothing is ever really good or bad, it is one way then another and the labels seek to define what cannot be defined and it is madness to try to make sense of it. You must transcend this place, go to the godhead, the ultimate consciousness it is there that you find answers and there that you find sanity. Seek this place that is what the tests teach you, to go to this place to ascend to see through the illusion. That is what opens the heart, for it is through the heart that you ascend, not some place above your head, but through your very heart.

Now go and make friends with yourself at a heart level, and do the work you were born to do.

© 2015 Jocelyn Joy Thomas

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