Old Soul/Young Soul


What does it mean to have an old soul? Or a young one for that matter? The term is often used to describe someone who is wise, who has lived many, many lifetimes before and therefore has an old soul age.

Old souls are easy to spot in truth, it is someone who no longer allows themselves to become ensnared in the pettiness of life. There is a sense of very deep peace, presence and awareness. Many old souls are loner types who no longer seek the stimulation of crowds, large events and monotonous social activity. They are nearing the end of their souls long journey and quiet reflection is often the means to bringing about profound insights and understandings. One does not have to necessarily be spiritual to be an old soul, but many have a deep understanding of nature, philosophy and metaphysics.

Younger souls want conformity, whereas old souls want to explore. Young souls seek to be led, to walk with the group, to follow the familiar paths in life. They involve themselves in main stream politics, organized religion, organized groups, even fundamentalism all in an effort to be one of the flock. Old souls do not seek, they have learned from lifetimes that each person must lead themselves, the non familiar path always offers more chances for growth and change. They are not so involved in worldly matters and they tend to be more spiritual than religious or at least independently minded when it comes to faith.

So, if you are an old soul you know it more or less, you know it because the other paths, the more worldly and common ones have never called you. Yours is a path of independence, freedom, reflection and profundity.

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