The New Relationship



There has been much talk of twin flames, soulmates and divine partnerships, all of these are valid, yet why are these types of relationships discussed more and more these days? The reason is that we are shifting from the old to the new in all ways and this very much includes romantic relationships.

The new relationship is one that is heart centered. It is based in friendship and cemented in spiritual awareness. It is one that gives you strength and lifts you up rather than to drain or to hamper you. Gone are the ineffective unions where one partner is doing all the giving, having all the insights, bearing the brunt of the load. Enter in a type of relationship that allows one room for continual growth and healing.

In the new we are not always perfect, far from it, but we are able to come to our partner and find a solution, due to the fact that there is a strong friendship and mutual aspiration for growth and healing each partner supports the other though their process, often taking turns  at who is playing the supporting role. This is a most epic and sacred journey.

If you find yourself in an old relationship chances are you are feeling the pressure to move on as it no longer serves you. Many are in this place and it can be hard for not only does it mean the end of the relationship but the end of the old. Change is frightening but it is necessary. Then, there are those who have the potential within their current relationship, to take it to a new level. This takes work, dedication and open communication the cornerstones of the new relationship. Ours is not a journey meant to take alone, we meet many others along the way, be sure that who is traveling alongside you has the mindset of growth and evolution and you will know you are on the right road.




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