The Way Out of Suffering


Duality exists to keep order. It is there so that we can know each experience fully. There is the light and there is the dark. Yin and yang, it is all part of the whole picture. Duality insists that we are bound to our karma to our defined roles and to the ever constant samsaric winds that blow us here and there.

Duality is life. Or is it? Must we actually be left at the mercy of duality? Of light and darkness, good and bad, fortune and misfortune. Must we continue to exist in this manner forever? There is another way. The Buddha taught that life is suffering. This is why on the Buddhist path we go beyond life, or rather we go beyond the illusion of life. Duality is what the illusion is made of, it is let’s say its force, its law. The illusion creates things in a black and white view with rigid rules, labels, bad luck good luck, have and have not. Where does it end? It doesn’t it is the karmic wheel of life spinning on and on. The goal of Buddhism is to get off the wheel, to transcend so that we can go beyond duality.

You don’t have to be a Buddhist to go beyond duality, you can see it for what it is no matter what your spiritual inclination may be. Duality helps us to define life, to understand it and it works for younger souls to do so. Older souls no longer need this explanation of the world, there is a readiness within an old soul to see beyond appearances to know that whatever display is occurring we decide how it makes us feel. We decide if it is good or bad or if we need label it at all. In this way we are able to transcend the suffering, to see through the phenomena of life and to be in the eternal moment of now. This, is where there is connection with the Godhead, this is where there is no duality. It cannot exist outside of time, the present is no time, just now, just stillness. Go there, slip outside of duality and while you are there make adjustments to your way of viewing life. These adjustments can cause a colossal shift on your world, eventually we all make the choice to do so, to transcend, it’s up to us when in this lifetime or another. Until then duality is happy to make it’s daily appearance and lead the way.

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