Time Isn’t Real


For most who are on the spiritual path there eventually has been a confrontation of notion of time. We are taught that time exists in a linear fashion that we can neatly define everything that happens in a chronological manner and this has been very satisfying in creating order and making sense of what has happened both historically and in our own lives. Even people, myself included, who delve into the often murky and abstract world of past lifetimes have sought to label each lifetime in a neat and linear way. Each lifetime has existed one after the other with gaps in between on the other side, case closed.

As with anything in life time is not as simple as we have been taught. In reality there is no time. Time is unreal, life is actually all happening at once. All of your lifetimes, all of your realities. This is why past lives can overlap, and why we can even have parallel lives. Time is a construction made by people, it makes things more solid, into manageable units of “reality”. With the coming of the industrial revolution and the subsequent shift of people working from home and on farms to factories and offices we have seen a dramatic shift to one of scarcity where time is concerned. It is wise to remember this is just another offset of the larger concept that time exists at all.

Yet, when you get caught up in the struggle you don’t notice things like that. When you live in scarcity you don’t have time to question the bigger issues. Time isn’t real and anyone telling you it is wants to keep you and themselves entrenched in the miasma of the old belief system and enslaved to the illusion of so called reality. Question everything, leave no stone unturned, this is your life, your journey and it is always your choice. We will keep turning the wheel of life until we awaken, time being unreal is one truth we must awaken to, are you awake? Good and while you are at it remember to not take any of this too seriously, it is after all a dream whether we are having it one by one or all at once. Embrace it all!

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