Transformation Limbo Do You Feel It?


For some time now, from about 2012, many of us have been feeling the effects of the transformation we are undergoing, the evolution revolution. As a result many people are going through big changes in their lives. Long term relationships ending, re-locating to not just a new home but often a new state or country. People are leaving their jobs and living their dreams and they are more and more meeting their twin flames. This process is not new necessarily, we have always been evolving, but right now in this unique moment in time we are doing so more rapidly then we have ever been before.

We are at a place right now of limbo, where the old no longer fits and the new is not quite the norm for us yet. Where we are in fact in between the two states of old and new, in a groundless place. This limbo, this place of groundlessness is one of which we can fully participate in and I encourage you to do so because it will shape what you land into. Imagine yourself high above the ground on a rooftop and you must leap to the next rooftop. You are suspended in the air for a few seconds, between the past and the future. This is the present moment it is where we are always located in truth. It is where we shape our future.

In terms of the evolution revolution when we are in this place in between, this limbo we can manifest a way of being that does not require the same root system as we had before. We can become beings that while very much connected to our surroundings and those around us, do not have to grasp onto what we call “reality” anymore. We see ourselves fifth dimensionally, we live from that place. The old ways no longer fitting us we see through them and into the vast openness of what is. We are no longer dependent on the set rules and beliefs we had before, we have evolved outside of them. In that way we never land on the next rooftop instead we ascend to the next level entirely, where there are no roofs at all.

So, if you are feeling out of sorts, like you aren’t sure what to do next, you have cleared, healed, manifested but now what? That is the limbo feeling. What comes next is the ascension, the cross over into the fifth dimension and the alignment with your soul purpose, why you are here, and when you come together with all the many, many others who are doing the same, magic happens.


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