Valentines Day and Pain


For many Valentine’s Day is a pleasant day spent with their partner, whether they go out to dinner, exchange gifts or merely spend time with one another the purpose of the day is to allow them to focus on their love and be grateful for one another.

For others this is a painful day because of that same focus on love, whether it is a love that has been lost or the absence of love altogether, or perhaps it causes you to see your relationship isn’t what it could be, all of this is painful. Until we realize we are looking at it from a place of lack.

Lack is a favorite tool of the ego, it attaches you to your pain, the emotional cauldron of past experiences and future worries. It is something that hooks us and if we aren’t careful can that makes us feel identified with it.

So what to do when you feel sad and hurt by the reminder of lack of love in your life? First, take stock of your situation is there truly a lack of love in your life or are you perceiving it in that way? For example, if you are sad because of lost love perhaps there is love waiting for you that you can’t see because you are focused in the wrong direction, the past. If there is an absence of love, cultivate a more loving attitude about all things and watch love flood into your life. If you are hurt because a current love has not been present enough or shown enough affection decide whether this is the right person for you, but carefully because often times we are judging from the past and no one can withstand such scrutiny. We carry over pain from our past so that right now in the present we are actually identifying with old pain. Better to let go of this, to allow for it to be there, but to also say this is not who I am and this is temporary. Know that you will move past whatever upset you are feeling. The best approach is to do so with an open heart and a willing spirit. That way you open up your path for new things, for new outlooks and for better days.


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